Nordic Project Solutions is a company with operations throughout the Nordic region. We have the skills and the resources to, quickly and without compromise, help our clients with everything from small remodelings of single stores up to huge and complex projects with many shops widely distributed over several countries done on a tight schedule.

We always take into account the client’s point of view. Each assignment has a different focus, but nothing is left to chance. Service and availability are key components in our business and we always deliver what we promise.


Our years of experience and broad expertise enables us to implement all types of contracts. Each project has unique circumstances and we always tailor our team to ensure that you as a customer get your product delivered on time, with high quality and at the right cost. For us it is important to ensure close cooperation with our customers and we work based on your wishes and requirements, with close dialogue, monitoring and quality assurance in focus.


Nordic PS has an organization capable of carrying out complex and large projects. We have completed rollouts for retail chains across the Nordic region, with hundreds of shops and employees involved. We take care of everything from planning, design, production to logistics, warehousing and assembly. We have not yet encountered a project too difficult or too large.


We have a huge network of craftsmen in several countries. We put together the team needed to deliver and assemble your decor. We carry out projects that require one person on site as well as rollouts with hundreds of assemblers involved. Our partners are carefully selected and they have the same vision that we have on the importance of quality and keeping time and cost frames.


Post installation, we are here to provide ongoing maintenance and care for your retail outlets. Do not hesitate to contact us for all kind of maintenance of your store interiors.

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